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1. CNC Turn mill center Dia 500X1.5 mts lg ALPHINE GERMAN make with Siemens centre
2. CNC Turning Center Dia 630X2.7 mts lg Butler ENGLAND make  
3. CNC H M C OERLIKON MAKE Spindle Dia 130 Table 1 mtr X 1 mtr with B Axis Rotary Table 0.001  


1. Horizontal Boring machine JUARISTI make Dia 110 spindle. 1.5 mtr X 1.25 mtr
2. Horizontal Boring Machine- COLLET (German) make Dia 90 Spindle. 1.25 mtr x 1.1 mtr  
3. Vertical Turret Lathe(VTL) JUGANTAL (German) make Dia 1800 x1 mtr  
4. Vertical Turret Lathe(VTL) with copy Turning Attachment TOSS make Dia 1200x1 mtr  


1. Centre Lathe HMT Make LB 20 Dia 400X 3 mtr lg
2. Centre Lathe (Balaji Lathe) Dia 400 X 3mtr lg  
3. Centre Lathe (Balaji Lathe) Dia 600 X 4mtr lg  


1. Cylindrical Grinding Machine Dia 800 MM X 8 mts lg Naxus Union GERMAN make = 1 no
2. Cylindrical Grinding Machine HMT G-17 make Dia340x1200mm lg = 02 Nos  
3. Cylindrical Grinding machine Universal HMT G22 make Dia 440x2000 mm lg = 1 No  
4. Internal Grinding machine JUNG German make Dia 200x200mm lg = 1 No  
5. Internal Grinding machine JUNG German make Dia 100x100 mm lg = 01 No  
6. Internal Grinding machine WOTAN German make Dia 600x500 mm lg = 01 No  
7. Cylindrical Grinding machine HMT K-130 make Dia 260x800mm lg  
8. Surface Grinding ELBSCHILIFE Sweden make Dia 1000x1200 mm lg  
9. Rotary Surface Grinding Dia 700 X height 300 mm lg Kehren German make  


1. Radial Drill Machine KOLB German make RM65 with all standard Accessories
2. Hydraulic Press 30 Tonnes  
3. WE HAVE 5 TONNE HOT CRANES For Handling Components = 02 Nos  


1. Dia 500x 2 mtrs long.


Note: We also have latest measuring instruments of micrometer, slip gauges, verniers, bore gauges, height gauges, etc., all of Mitutoyo - Japan make. We have additional quality checking facilities such as magno field crack checking machine, hardness tester, plating thickness checking tester, surface finish checking machine, etc. HOT 5 Tonne crane facility is available for lifting of components.


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